AsmTX series placement machine CP20P placement head DP motor maintenance precautions

After the asm TX series placement machine CP20P chip head DP motor is repaired, there are a few problems that need attention, otherwise it will affect the normal use. Today I would like to share with you these precautions:

1. After the repair of the DP motor of the TX series placement machine CP20P placement head is OK, a professional torque tool of 0.2N must be used to install the screws during the installation process.

2. The male head of the DP motor cable connector is connected to the single-channel pin header of the ED BOARD. The link must be firm and reliable, and the pins must not be broken.

3. After the installation is OK, a vacuum test and an aging durability test are required, and every detail needs to be in place.

Service: Guangdong Xinling Industrial Co., Ltd. has been professionally repairing the CP20P DP motor of the ASM placement machine for 15 years. We have professional equipment and instruments for testing. After the maintenance, an authoritative test report will be issued. The placement heads covered by the maintenance include CP20A/CP20P /CP20P2/CP20M/CPP/CPP M/TH/RV12/RV6/CP14 etc.

Post time: Jul-04-2023

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