When the ASM siplace feeder is abnormal, the items that need to be checked

During the production of SMT placement, the SMT placement machine stops running due to the failure of SMT feeder and other accessories, which may cause great losses. Therefore, the placement machine should be maintained frequently to eliminate some hidden dangers that may appear in normal times. Today, I would like to share with you how to deal with the abnormality of the placement machine:

When the feeder of the placement machine is abnormal, it is generally caused by the following reasons:

1. No tape

The main reason is that the one-way bearing inside the large pulley slips, and the three steel balls inside are very easy to wear, and the inside of the new one-way bearing is not a steel ball but a steel column.

2. Feeder floating height

The alarm will be triggered if the position of the material is shifted, which will seriously damage the suction nozzle, so keep the feeder feeding platform clean.

ASM feeder


3. Feeder does not feed

If the small spring on the feeder falls off or breaks, or the gear is stuck, it will not be able to feed.

4. The delivery is not in place

There may be material residue inside the gland, or it may be caused by insufficient pressure of the gland. Therefore, if the feeding is not in place, you can check whether there is any dirt left by the material, and clean up the dirt in time.

Post time: Jun-27-2023

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