Forerunner in adversity: Geekvalue, born for placement machines

“If you don’t explode in adversity, you will perish in adversity.” Under the impact of the epidemic, the development of many industries has been greatly impacted in the past few years, especially chip-related industries, which will not only be affected by the epidemic, but also be affected by the international chip market. Against this background, if you want to improve your performance or “survive”, you must use all your courage and wisdom to overcome adversity. Under such a severe test, it is necessary for enterprises to move forward in the face of adversity and find a way to break the situation. Xinling Industry is such a representative, the pioneer in the adversity, found the key to break the adversity. Xinling – the one-stop solution leader for placement machines.


“When others are afraid to rush, we must rush forward. When others are rushing, we must rush faster than others.” This is what Cui Xusheng, general manager of Xinling Industry, said in an interview. In the past three years, Xinling Industry has been “going forward”. In order to solve the technical problems encountered by customers, it has specially established a maintenance department to absorb and train a large number of professional and technical personnel. In order to help customers improve efficiency, a 24-hour maintenance class was launched, and the inventory was expanded at the same time. In order to detect the functional problems of all accessories, a large number of testing instruments have been imported.


Since the placement machine entered the Chinese market relatively late, professional talents are very scarce. Xinling Industry takes advantage of the wind, based on technological innovation, professional team as the core, and high-quality service as the guarantee, digging deep in the global field of placement machines The pain points of the industry and the needs of users are constantly exploring in more professional market segments and cutting-edge technological innovation fields. With the service principle of “allowing each customer to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase”, create a “supply chain + technology chain” dual-engine drive, and build a smart ecological closed loop of “all-round worry-free service before and after sales” for the global placement machine industry .

The epidemic is over, and a new chapter is about to begin. Xinling Industry will “empower technological innovation with excellent technology and efficient services” as its corporate mission, and uphold the mission of “promoting the high-quality development of industrial intelligent manufacturing and helping China realize the dream of a technological power” The original intention of starting a business, forge ahead! Xinling – born for the placement machine, the leader of the one-stop solution for the placement machine.



Post time: Mar-31-2023

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