pay attention to the four major operating points of ASM placement machine!

You must pay attention to the four major operating points of ASM placement machine!

The chip mounter is the core equipment of smt chip processing and belongs to high-end precision equipment. The main function of the chip mounter is to mount electronic components on the designated pads. The chip mounter determines the capacity and process level of a production line. Since the placement machine is so important, standardized operations must be carried out in daily use and maintenance, but some operators do not know much about the use of the placement machine, so today, the editor of Xinling Industry will come to give Let’s explain a few operating points and precautions of the placement machine.


Siemens X Series placement machine

1. Understand the common operation buttons and functions of the placement machine

The safe operation of the placement machine is very important. Many devices have various switches, buttons, etc., and the placement machine is no exception. The operator of the placement machine must understand the use skills and precautions of various buttons and switches in order to know the safe operation during production and operation to avoid safety accidents. .

2, understand the safety operation process sequence specification

Notes on startup:

Check whether the power supply is normal, check whether the pressure gauge is normal, check whether the feeder is placed correctly, check whether there are obstacles inside the placement machine, whether the safety cover is closed, and whether the bill of materials is correct, etc.

Points to note in the start-up production process

Check that the procedure is correct, check that the guide rails move normally, and check that the suction nozzles are in good condition.

Production is completed, shutdown operation points,

First turn off the main power of the placement machine, clean the components in the waste box, clean the surface of the placement machine and the surrounding environment,

3. Regular troubleshooting.

The placement machine will inevitably consume and damage the machine after a long time of use. Therefore, it is also an important job to do a good job of troubleshooting. Regularly check the placement machine, we can find problems in time, find problems, and then solve them quickly and efficiently. This is the main purpose of our troubleshooting work!

4, the operation of the placement machine matters needing attention:

1. Operators must undergo professional training and work with certificates

2. The safety cover must be closed when the placement machine is running

3. Operators must wear anti-static shoes and gloves

4. There must be no debris inside the placement machine;

5. The placement machine cannot be cleaned with organic solvents;

6. When the placement machine is in normal use, the emergency switch button cannot be pressed, unless there are special safety circumstances;

7. When the placement machine is overhauled, the power supply must be cut off to prevent electric shock and short circuit

sx 机器

Siemens SX series placement machine

As one of the key equipment of SMT equipment, placement machine has brought great advantages to our production because of its efficient work efficiency and stable performance. Therefore, in use, the operation of the placement machine should also be operated in a safe and standardized manner, so as to ensure the long-term operation of the placement machine! Xinling Industry hopes to bring you high-efficiency and high-quality Siemens placement machine equipment, and also hopes that you can operate the placement machine safely.



Post time: Oct-31-2022

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