Precautions before starting the ASM placement machine

SMT machine is a kind of high-precision electronic production equipment. With the fierce competition in the SMT processing industry, many orders are based on small batches and multiple varieties, so many times it needs to be transferred to production, so the machine needs to be turned on and off; if It is good for a short period of time. If the placement machine is shut down for a few days, the circuit temperature is low and there is water vapor in the circuit before it is turned on. Therefore, it needs to be powered on for a few minutes to return to the normal working state. (This is actually very much like having a thermometer after the car is ignited. It needs to be warmed up and restarted, which will be better for the car)


Mounter preheating

After the placement machine is turned on, it needs to be preheated, energized to preheat, and the circuit should be warmed up and turned on to work normally;

Pick and place machine warm up

After the placement machine is preheated, the circuit is normal, then lubricate the mechanical part of the machine, and run at low speed for about half an hour.


If the equipment has any problems after starting up, please contact us. Guangdong Xinling Industrial Co., Ltd. has a professional technical team to provide one-stop maintenance solutions for ASM placement machines. The majority of SMT manufacturing companies using ASM placement machines reduce costs, improve production efficiency, and provide long-term technical services for equipment (expert-level engineer team can provide equipment repair, maintenance, modification, CPK testing, MAPPING calibration, production efficiency improvement, board card Motor maintenance, feeder maintenance, patch head maintenance, technical training and other services).

Post time: Sep-02-2022

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