Sensors used in ASM placement machines

A sensor is a detection device that can detect and feel the measured information, and convert them into electrical signals or other necessary formats according to certain rules to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording, control, etc. Require.

The characteristics of the sensor of ASM placement machine include miniaturization, digitization, intelligence, multi-function, systematization and networking. This is the first step in realizing automatic detection and automatic control. The existence and development of ASM mounter sensors endow objects with senses such as touch, taste, and smell, so that objects can slowly recover. Generally speaking, ASM placement machines are divided into 10 categories according to their basic sensing functions: thermal elements, photosensitive elements, air sensing elements, force sensing elements, magnetic sensing elements, humidity sensors, sound elements, radiation sensing elements, color Sensing element, taste sensing element.

CO sensor  CP20A

What other sensors does the ASM placement machine have?

1. Position sensor The transmission positioning of the printing board includes the number of PCBs, the real-time detection of the movement of the sticker head and the worktable, the action of the auxiliary mechanism, etc., and has strict requirements on the position. These positions need to be achieved through various forms of position sensors.

2. The image sensor is placed to display the machine's operating status in real time, mainly using the CCD image sensor, which can collect various image signals required for PCB position, component size and computer analysis and processing, allowing the patch head to complete the adjustment and repair operations.

3. Pressure sensor stickers, including various cylinders and vacuum generators, have requirements for air pressure, and cannot work normally when the pressure is lower than the pressure required by the installer. The pressure sensor always monitors the change of pressure. But above, immediately alarm to warn the operator to deal with it in time.

4. The suction port of the negative pressure sensor sticker of the ASM placement machine is a negative pressure absorption element, which is composed of a negative pressure generator and a vacuum sensor. If the negative pressure is insufficient, the parts cannot be sucked. When the supply has no parts or the parts cannot be clamped in the bag, the air inlet cannot suck the parts. This situation will affect the normal operation of the sticker. The negative pressure sensor can always monitor the change of negative pressure, alarm in time when parts cannot be absorbed or absorbed, replace the supply or check whether the negative pressure system of the air inlet is blocked.

5. ASM placement machine sensor component inspection for parts inspection includes supplier supply and component type and accuracy inspection. It was only used in high-end batch machines in the past, and is now widely used in general-purpose batch machines. It can effectively prevent components from being misconnected, osticker or not working properly.

6. Laser sensor Laser has been widely used in stickers. Helps to determine the coplanarity of device pins. When the part of the tested sticker runs to the monitoring position of the laser sensor, the laser beam will be irradiated by the IC needle and reflected on the laser reader. If the reflected beam length is equal to the emitted beam, the parts are the same coplanarity, if they are different, it rises to the pin and therefore reflects. Likewise, the laser sensor can also identify the height of the part, shortening the production set-up time.

Post time: May-27-2022

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