The future development trend of SMT placement machine

SMT placement machine is an automated production equipment, mainly used for PCB board placement. As people have higher and higher requirements for patch products, the development of SMT placement machines has become more and more diversified. Let the PCB engineer share with you the future development trend of SMT placement machine.

The future development trend of SMT placement machine

Direction 1: Efficient two-way transportation structure

The new SMT placement machine is moving towards an efficient two-way conveyor structure to improve production efficiency and reduce working time faster; on the basis of retaining the performance of the traditional single-path placement machine, the PCB is transported, positioned, and inspected, Repairing, etc. are designed into a two-way structure to reduce effective working time and increase machine productivity.

Efficient two-way transportation structure

Direction 2: High-speed, high-precision, multi-function

The placement efficiency, accuracy and placement function of the smart placement machine are contradictory. The new placement machine has been working hard to develop towards high speed and high performance, and it is not doing well in the direction of high precision and multi-function. With the continuous development of surface mount components, the requirements for new packages such as BGA, FC, and CSP are getting higher and higher. Intelligent controls are introduced in the new placement machine. These controls have a lower error rate when maintaining high production capacity. This not only improves the efficiency of integrated circuit installation, but also ensures higher accuracy.

Direction 3: Multi-cantilever

In the traditional arch pasting machine, only a cantilever and a paste head are included, which cannot meet the needs of modern production efficiency. For this reason, people have developed a double cantilever pasting machine on the basis of a single cantilever pasting machine, which is the mainstream high-speed placement machine on the market. Multi-cantilever machine tools have replaced the position of turret machine tools and become the mainstream trend of the future development of the high-speed chip market.

Direction 4: Flexible connection, modular

Modular machines have different functions, according to the installation requirements of different components, according to different accuracy and placement efficiency, in order to achieve higher efficiency. When users have new requirements, they can add new functional modules as needed. Due to the ability to add different types of installation units according to future needs to meet future flexible production needs, the modular structure of this machine is very popular among customers.

Direction 5: automatic programming

The new visualization software tool has the ability to automatically "learn". Users don't need to manually input parameters into the system. They only need to bring the equipment to the vision camera, and then take a photo. The system will automatically generate a comprehensive description similar to CAD. This technology improves the accuracy of equipment descriptions and reduces many operator errors.

Post time: Dec-15-2021

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