The maintenance of SMT assembly line ASM placement machine in detail

Today, I will introduce the maintenance and repair of ASM placement machine.


The maintenance of ASM placement machine equipment is very important, but now many companies do not pay attention to the maintenance of ASM placement machine equipment. When you are busy, you don’t have to maintain it for a month or even a few months, and sometimes the monthly supplement is also a few weeks. That's why ASM pick and place machines from over 10 years ago are still in good shape. People are doing it according to standard maintenance procedures. Let's take a look at how to maintain the ASM placement machine?

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1. Maintenance and repair of ASM placement machine: check every day


(1) Before turning on the power of the ASM mounter, please check the following items:


Temperature and Humidity: The temperature is between 20 and 26 degrees, and the humidity is between 45% and 70%.


Indoor environment: the air should be clean and free of corrosive gases.


Transmission rail: Make sure there is no debris within the moving range of the mounting head.


Check whether the fixed camera has debris and whether the lens is clean.


Make sure there is no debris around the nozzle warehouse.


Please confirm whether the nozzle is dirty, deformed, cleaned or replaced.


Check that the formation feeder is correctly placed in the location and make sure there is no debris in the location.


Check the connections of the air connector, air hose, etc.




ASM mounter




(2) After turning on the power of the accessory, check the following items:


If the installer does not work or does not work properly, the monitor will display an error message.


After starting the system, confirm that the menu screen is displayed correctly.


Press the "Servo" switch and the indicator will light up. Otherwise, shut down the system, then reboot and turn it back on.


Whether the emergency switch is working properly.


(3) Make sure that the mounting head can return to the starting point (source point) correctly.


Check whether there is abnormal noise when the mounting head moves.


Check that the negative pressure of all attachment head nozzles is within the range.


Make sure the PCB runs smoothly on the rails. Check if the sensor is sensitive.


Side position check to confirm the needle position is correct.


2. Maintenance and repair of ASM placement machine: monthly inspection


(1) Clean the CRT screen and floppy drive


(2) Check the X-axis, Y-axis, and whether there is abnormal noise in the X-axis and Y-axis when the mounting head moves.


(3) Cable, make sure the screws on the cable and cable bracket are not loose.


(4) Air connector, make sure that the air connector is not loose.


(5) Air hose, check pipes and connections. Verify that the air hose is not leaking.


(6) X, Y motor, make sure that the X, Y motor is not abnormally hot.


(7) Over warning - move the mounting head along the positive and negative directions of the X and Y axes. An alarm will sound when the sticker head is outside the normal range, and the sticker head can stop moving immediately. After the alarm, use the manual operation menu to check that the mounting head is working properly.


(8) Rotate the motor to check whether the timing belt and gear are stained. Make sure that the mounting head can rotate without hindrance. Check that the mounting head has sufficient torque.


(9) Z-axis motor: Check whether the mounting head can move up and down smoothly. Push the port upwards with your finger to see if the movement becomes soft. The ASM placement machine moves the stickers up and down within the normal range to confirm whether the alarm can sound and whether the sticker head can stop immediately. The inspection of this inspection, cleaning, refueling, replacement, absolutely do not say so much. Just to start stickers more stably and create longer-term enterprise service and value.


Post time: May-19-2022

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