What equipment is included in a complete SMT production line?

SMT equipment is actually the machine required for surface mount technology. Generally, an entire SMT line usually includes the following equipment:

Board loading machine, printing machine, connection table, SPI, placement machine, plug-in machine, reflow soldering, wave soldering, AOI, X-ray, unloading machine and other equipment, the above equipment is a relatively complete smt wiring list equipment , Different factories can add or delete related equipment according to actual product needs. The equipment that must be owned includes printing presses, placement machines, and reflow soldering.
What is SMT? What does smt do, what does smt patch mean?

Surface mount technology, the internal circuit boards of various digital home appliances and other electronic products that are common in daily life are realized through this technology. The electronic components are mounted on the circuit board through the placement machine in the smt equipment, and then reflowed Furnace welding eventually becomes a motherboard. Smt plays a huge role in today's electronics industry. Below, Xlin-smt will introduce you to what SMT equipment includes.

SMT device:

SMT production equipment: dispensing machine, solder paste printing machine, placement machine, reflow soldering, wave soldering

SMT testing equipment: SPI solder paste thickness detector, furnace temperature curve tester, AOI optical detector, ICT online tester, X-RAY testing system, ATE testing system

SMT peripheral equipment:

Solder paste mixer, connection table, sub-board machine, loading and unloading machine, loading and unloading machine, cache machine

SMT accessories: thermocouple/thermal resistance, heating tube, scraper/template, suction nozzle, dispensing needle, dispensing machine barrel accessories, wave soldering gun barrel, feeder

SMT welding consumables: solder paste/solder bar, patch glue, flux

SMT electrical tools: anti-static soldering iron, tin soldering iron, tin melting furnace, swarf pliers, foaming furnace

SMT cleaning equipment: ultrasonic cleaning machine, PCBA cleaning machine
PCBA cleaning machine
Anti-static products: anti-static human body protection, anti-static tools, anti-static turnover boxes, anti-static packaging, anti-static testing instruments.

Post time: Apr-09-2022

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