8MM, 12MM, 16MM, 24MM, 32MM, 44MM, 56MM Smart Feeder X Splice Sensor

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Product Model: 8MM 12MM 16MM 24MM 32MM 44MM 56MM  64MM 72MM


The Brand new ASM SMT Siplace TX module with up to 22um@3sigma. It is accurate to operate with the highest accuracy and mount ultra-dense spacing of 0201 (mm) components at the highest speed,  the new combination of high accuracy and High-speed has a vital relationship with the feeder.

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SIPLACE SmartFeeder 4mm X SpliceSensor 00141268
SIPLACE SmartFeeder 8mm X SpliceSensor  00141270, 00141290, 00141370, 0014139000141500
SIPLACE SmartFeeder 2x8mm X SpliceSensor 00141269, 00141289,00141479, 00141499
SIPLACE SmartFeeder 12mm X SpliceSensor 00141271, 00141291, 00141371, 00141391
SIPLACE SmartFeeder 16mm X SpliceSensor 00141272, 00141292, 00141372,  00141392
SIPLACE SmartFeeder 24mm X SpliceSensor  00141273, 00141293
SIPLACE SmartFeeder 32mm X SpliceSensor 00141274, 00141394 
SIPLACE SmartFeeder 44mm X SpliceSensor  00141275, 00141395
SIPLACE SmartFeeder 56mm X SpliceSensor 00141276, 00141396
SIPLACE SmartFeeder 72mm X SpliceSensor  00141277, 00141297
SIPLACE SmartFeeder 88mm X SpliceSensor  00141278, 00141298

8MM - 00141500

12MM - 00141271

16MM - 00141392

24MM - 00141293

32MM - 00141374

32MM - 00141394

44MM - 00141395

56MM - 00141396

44MM - 00141375

56MM - 00141376

12MM - 00141391



ASM SIPLACE (TX) is only 1m long and can accommodate 80 strip feeders x 8mm and 103,800 CPH at extreme speed, which is an unparalleled production giant.

ASM SIPLACE (X) intelligent feeder with its exquisite German manufacturing technology and advanced software makes it free from calibration for life.

No carbon brush design of the loader greatly prolongs the service life of the feeder and loader. Moreover, it can automatically download the production program and automatically match the program to set the feeding parameters.
ASM SIPLACE (X) feeder has the world's only contactless power supply and data transmission. The feeder can be added and removed (plug and play) while the machine is running, and can be equipped with receiving sensor.
Profit from the advanced manufacturing process and technology of SIPLACE (X) intelligent feeder components and let SIPLACE series machine components to absorb well, mount better.

SMT Feeder, also called SMT Feeding Gun, Component Feeder, or Part Feeder, is and electric device to lock tape-and reel SMD components, peel off the tape(film) cover on the top of components, and feeds the uncovered components(by means of sprocket transmission) to the same fixed pickup position for pick up by pick-and-place machine.

SMT feeder is the most important part of SMT machine, and also an important part of SMT assembly that affects the PCB assembly capabilities and production efficiency.

Most components are supplied on paper or plastic tape, in tape reels that are loaded onto feeders mounted to the machine. Larger integrated circuits.(Ics) are sometimes
Supplied arranged in trays which are stacked in a compartment. More commonly Ics will be provided in tapes rather than trays or sticks, Improvements in feeder technology mean that tape format is becoming the preferred method of presenting parts on an SMT machine.

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