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Vacuum generator / vacuum distributor: speedstar head high-speed rotary mount head.

The world’s fastest mount head, the theoretical speed has exceeded the limit.

The high-speed mounting head can even handle 0201 (metric) components without reducing the speed at all.

The whole process monitoring technology of absorption and installation ensures the accurate absorption and installation of each component. The accurate suction and mounting of the working head is inseparable from the function of vacuum generator / vacuum distributor.

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Vacuum generator is a new, efficient, clean, economical and small vacuum component that uses positive pressure air source to generate negative pressure, which makes it very easy and convenient to obtain negative pressure where there is compressed air or where positive and negative pressure is required in the middle of a pneumatic system. Vacuum generators are widely used in industrial automation, machinery, electronics, packaging, printing, plastics, robots and other fields. The tradition of vacuum generator is dishwashing cooperation for adsorption and handling of various materials, especially suitable for adsorption of fragile, soft and thin non-ferrous, non-metallic materials or spherical objects. In such applications, a common feature is that the required air extraction is small, the vacuum requirement is not high, and it works intermittently.

The vacuum generator is divided into high vacuum type and high suction flow type. The former has a large curve slope and the latter is flat. When the throat diameter of the nozzle is certain, in order to obtain high vacuum, the suction flow must be reduced, while in order to obtain large suction flow, the pressure at the suction inlet must be increased.

In order to increase the suction flow of vacuum generator, multi-stage expansion pressure pipe can be designed. If two three-stage diffuser vacuum generators are connected in parallel, the suction flow will be doubled.

The performance of vacuum generator is related to many factors, such as the minimum diameter of nozzle, the shape of contraction and diffusion tube, the diameter and its corresponding position, and the pressure of air source.

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