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The Brand new SIPLACE TX module is able to operate with maximum accuracy up to 22um@3sigma, achieving speeds of 103.800CPh and mounting ultra-dense spacing of 0201 (mm) components at the highest speed, High accuracy needs the help of suction nozzle. If the suction nozzle leaks vacuum, the equipment will display insufficient vacuum and shut down, Frequent error reporting has a very adverse impact on the placement efficiency and quality of the equipment.

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The vacuum nozzle is generally fitted into the hopper via an external sleeve so that it can be easily removed when required. The controls over the primary and secondary air are also arranged to be external to the hopper. The location of the control for positioning the outer sleeve with respect to the conveying pipeline can also be external to the hopper. For these reasons a section of flexible hose is often incorporated into the conveying pipeline close to the hopper. The hopper, however, cannot be drained clear of material by the vacuum system with this device.

A nozzle is a device designed to control the direction or characteristics of a fluid flow (especially to increase velocity) as it exits (or enters) an enclosed chamber or pipe.

A nozzle is often a pipe or tube of varying cross sectional area, and it can be used to direct or modify the flow of a fluid (liquid or gas). Nozzles are frequently used to control the rate of flow, speed, direction, mass, shape, and/or the pressure of the stream that emerges from them. In a nozzle, the velocity of fluid increases at the expense of its pressure energy.

Magnetic nozzles have also been proposed for some types of propulsion, such as VASIMR, in which the flow of plasma is directed by magnetic fields instead of walls made of solid matter.

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