High precision Xinling offline/desktop AOI XLIN-VT-AOI60 for multiple inspection and control positions of SMT/DIP

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Xinling offline/desktop AOI XLIN-VT-AOI60, suitable for multiple inspection and control positions of SMT/DIP, equipped with image acquisition, motion control, and software analysis algorithms are tailor-made for the electronic assembly process, and the image quality Stable and reliable, accurate and efficient detection results, accurate detection of many defective products covering solder joint defects, solder paste printing, part defects, assembly errors, etc., help you open up the market, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

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• Simple and intuitive man-machine interface, in line with daily simple and effective operation habits.

• High-precision, high-resolution color digital camera, high-stability work to take pictures, restore true and natural image effects, and achieve high-quality image output. In theory, we can choose unlimited cameras.

• Telecentric lens (standard) High resolution, ultra-wide depth of field, ultra-low distortion and unique parallel light design, etc., can clearly image the tilt of the circuit board and tall components without squint.

• Comprehensive and flexible software, minimum training requirements, easy to use.

• Workflow wizard to keep the settings consistent.

• Convenient sliding door design makes maintenance more convenient.

• Large size detection range design, which can meet the detection requirements of different PCBs.

• It can be used with the OK/NG double receiving board connection station to truly realize the seamless connection of online testing, receiving board and maintenance, and support automatic connection with the front and rear equipment on the production line (online type).

• Off-line program design and application of off-line debugging function to maximize the utilization of equipment.

• Comprehensive application of a variety of practical algorithms, software application is more flexible.

• Using mobile terminals under the wireless network can set up workstations at any location in the workshop, adopting one-to-many mode, and confirming the detection data of multiple online machines through a maintenance workstation to achieve the purpose of saving personnel. It can accurately prompt the exact defect name, and is supported by a complete SQL database system. It provides an SPC statistical analysis system in the form of pie charts and histograms, which is convenient for customers to perform process analysis and quality improvement.

• Special response algorithms such as OCR character recognition and path testing can more effectively meet the quality inspection after printing, and the detection rate and pass-through rate are higher.

• Highly intelligent control system, real-time monitoring of product quality status and timely response.

• Realize the automatic linking of component standards through CAD, or the placement machine to import coordinate data to realize the automation of program design.


Circuit board inspected after SMT solder paste printing, before/after SMT reflow soldering, before/after DIP wave soldering, soft board, aluminum substrate.

Detection method involves 26 algorithms such as deep learning, vector analysis, color calculation, color extraction, grayscale calculation, image comparison, OCV/OCR, etc., and will continue to increase (template matching, intelligent detection, intelligent judgment, barcode recognition), QR code recognition, character recognition, character verification, resistance value recognition, circle detection, polarity detection, scratch detection, bridge detection, average value, maximum value, minimum value, range value, local average value , Brightness extraction, relative offset, 2-end angle detection, collinearity detection, sub-component generation, calculated value, whole board detection [+], whole board detection [-], unilateral positioning).

Camera High-speed smart digital camera


Camera/lens resolution Camera: 5 million-20 million pixels, full-color high-speed industrial digital camera. We control the development of the source code and theoretically have unlimited choice of cameras. Lens resolution: 7um/10um/15um/20um/25um, which can be customized for special applications. Standard telecentric lens.

Light source Depending on the application configuration of the ring-shaped three-dimensional multi-channel color light source, select the matching RGB specification and coaxial light source.

Programming mode Manual writing, automatic search, CAD data import and automatic corresponding component library.

Detection coverage type Solder paste printing: presence or absence, offset, less tin, more tin, open circuit, continuous tin, pollution, scratches, etc.

Part defects: missing parts, multiple parts, offset, skew, tombstones, side standing, overturned parts, wrong parts, damaged, reversed, XYθ offset, etc.

Solder joint defects: too much tin, little tin, false soldering, continuous tin, tin balls, glue overflow, no lead out, copper foil pollution, etc.


Special functions Automatically call up the program, optimize the detection of the whole board, jigsaw and multi-mark, bad mark, multi-faceted simultaneous test.

The smallest part test 01005 chip, 0.3 pitch IC. Adjust the optical configuration according to the customer's process specifications.

SPC and process control record test data throughout the entire process and perform statistics and analysis, view production status and quality analysis, and output report formats such as Excel, Txt, and Word.

Barcode system Automatic barcode recognition (1D or 2D code), able to recognize super-large barcodes (multi-FOV smart splicing).

Operating system Windows 10 x64 operating system, Chinese or multi-language version, the latest operating system.

Test result output 32-inch LCD display, OK/NG signal.


PCB size range Min: 50*50mm; Max: 450*350mm; can be customized for special applications.

PCB thickness range 0.3 to 5 mm

PCB clamping system edge gap, vacant within 3.5mm of the board edge.

Maximum PCB weight 3KG

PCB bending degree <5mm or 3% of the diagonal length of PCB

PCB top and bottom clear height: Top: 30mm, Bottom: 70mm. Adjustable, can be customized for special applications.

PCB ground height 780 to 820 mm

X/Y platform drive Manual pick and place board, precision screw drive, Y servo motor to move the PCB, X servo motor to drive the camera to take pictures.

Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz 1.0 KW

No need for air pressure

Front and back device communication optional Smema

Equipment weight about 350KG

Equipment dimensions L900 (left and right) * W1000 (front and rear) * H1500 mm

Ambient temperature and humidity 5~35℃ 35~80% RH (no condensation)

Equipment safety regulations Comply with CE safety standards

Optional Maintenance station system, offline programming system, SPC server system, barcode recognition system, MES interface / Shop Floor interface.

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