SMT Automatic Circuit Board Pick and Place Making SMT Production LED Bulb Assembly Line Machine

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Juki/Fuji/Siplace/Samsung/Yamaha/Panasonic / Panasonic SMT production line whole line scheme, the basic configuration is Panasonic NPM D3 Mounter plus full-automatic solder paste printer A5 plus medium-sized reflow F8, which is suitable for the production and processing of medium-sized SMT mounters

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1,Fully automatic loading machine





2. Fully automatic printer 

GKG G5 印刷机

Model GKG-XY600
Maximum board size(X x Y) 450mm×340mm
Minimum board size 50mm×50mm
PCB thickness 0.4 – 6mm
Warpage ≤1%Diagonal
Maximum board weight 3kg
Board margin gap 2.5mm
Transfer speed 1500mm/s(Max)
Transfer height from the ground 900±40mm
Transfer mode One stage orbit
Support method Magnetic thimble,  Equal high block,etc.(Optional:1.Vacuum Chamber;2.Special workpiece fixture)
Performance Parameters
Repetition precision of image calibration  (±12.5um@6α,CPK≥2.0)
Repetition precision of printing  (±18um@6α,CPK≥2.0)
Cycle time <7s(Exclude printing and   cleaning)
Image Parameters
Field of view 10mm x 8mm
Benchmark point type Standard shape benchmark   point(SMEMA standard),solder pad/openings
Camera system Independent   camera,upwards/downwards imaging vision system
Printing Parameters
Printing head Floating intelligent printing head   (two independent direct connected motors)
Template frame size 470mm x 370mm~737 mm x   737 mm
Maximum printing area(X x Y) 530mm x 340mm
Squeegee type Steel scraper/Glue scraper(Angel   45°/50°/60° matching the printing process)
Squeegee length 300mm(optional with length of 200mm-500mm)
Squeegee height 65±1mm
Squeegee thickness 0.25mm Diamond-like carbon coating
Printing mode Single or double scraper printing
Demoulding length 0.02 mm - 12 mm
Printing speed 0 ~ 20 mm/s
Printing pressure 0.5kg - 10Kg
Printing stroke ±200 mm (From the center)
Cleaning Parameters
Cleaning mode 1. Drip cleaning system;   2. Dry, wet and vacuum modes
Power requirements AC220V±10%,50/60Hz,2.5KW
Compressed air requirements 4~6Kgf/cm²
operating ambient temperature -20ºC~+ºC
External dimension L1158×W1400×H1530(mm)
Machine weight Around 800Kg




Model D4
PCB Specifications
Gantries 4
Nozzle head qty 4
Tray Feeding capacity 144 tracks with 3 x 8 mm S
Reel tape feeder qty 144
PCB format L610×W508mm2
PCB thickness 0.3mm – 4.5mm
PCB weight Approx 3 kg
IPC Capability
Benchmark value
Theoretical value
Mounting Accuracy Placement accuracy (50μm+3σ) :+/-67um/CHIP
Angular accuracy (0.53σ) :+/-0.7.1mm/CHIP
Camera 5 illumination levels
Components range 01005-18.7×18.7mm2
Placement erformance: up to 60.000 cp/h
Power Supply 3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V +/-10% 50/60Hz
Feeding module types Tape feeder modules, stick magazine feeders, bulk cases, application-specific
External imensions L1,254 x W1,440 x H1,450mm (Excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx 1.750kgs


4. X8-TEA-1000D  reflow welding


Model X8-TEA-1000D
Machine parameters
Dimension(L*W*H) 6000*1660*1530mm
Weight Approx 2955kgs
Number of heating zone top 10/bottom 10
Length of heating zone 3895mm
Number of cooling zone top 3/bottom 3
Rectifying plate structure Small circulation
Exhaust volume requiement 10m³/min*2(Exhausts)
Color Computer grey
Control system
Power supply requiement 3 phase ,380v 50/60HZ(Option:3 phase ,220v 50/60HZ
Total power 83 KW
Startup power 38 KW
Normal power consumption 11 KW
Warming time Approx:20min
Temperature control range Room Temperature -300ºC
Temperature control method PID close loop control + SSR driving
Temperature control precision ±1ºC
Temperature deviation on PCB ±1.5ºC(by RM board test standard)
Data storage Process data and status storage
Abnormal alarm Abnormal temperature(extra-high/extra low temperature after constant temperature)
Board dropped alarm Singal light(yellow-warning;green normal;red -Abnormal
Conveyor system
Rails structure Overall sectional type
Chain structure Double buckle for preventing board jammed
Max width of PCB 400mm(option:460mm) dual-rail 300mm*2
Range of rail width 50-400mm(option:50-460mm) dual-rail 300mm*2
Component height Top 30/Bottom 30mm
Conveyor direction L→R(option:R→L)
Conveyor rail fixed type Front rail fixed(option: Rear rail fixed)
PCB conveyor direction Air-reflow=chain+mesh(N2-reflow=chain option:mesh)
Conveyor height 900±20mm
Conveyor speed 300-2000mm/min
Auto-lubrication Multi-lubricating mode can be chosen
Cooling system
Cooling method Firced air Water chiller


5,Fully automatic unloading machine





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