Used High Accuracy SMT Assembly Line PCB Cutting Machine Martin Mt-2X00-Series

Short Description:

2-way Sliding Exchanger
This work exchanger provides a simultaneously in-and-out working space to limit the idle time, which in turn reaches the utmost output value.

Route Duplication
The user may set mark points on PCB and copy easily form side to another.

Routing Bit Sectioning
The user may set a designated distance, and have the routing bit shift-up or -down in order to make a new section of touting bit to cut boards for multiplying the life of the routing bit.

Friendly GUI
Windows system and Graphical User Interface (GUI) is adopted, which enables the user to learn and use the program easily. A 15x zoom-in image is shown on screen for setting all points.

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Used High Accuracy SMT Assembly Line PCB Cutting Machine Martin Mt-2X00-Series
Setting Fixture: 2 stations
Working Area: X:330mm, Y:350mm, Z:60mm
Cutting Area: Max:X:250mm, Y:330mm Min:X:150mm, Y:150mm Z:15mm
PCB Component Height Top side:10mm Bottom side:40mm(with specific jig)
PCB Thickness 0.5 to 3.0 mm(It’s necessary to contact Aurotek in advance for over 2mm)
Router Bit Diameter: 0.8 ~ 2.0 mm(Option:Over 2.0mm)
Precision of Cutting: ± 0.08 mm
Positioning Accuracy: ± 0.01mm
Positioning Repeatability: ± 0.02mm
Number of Axis in use: 3-7 Axis (X, YL, YR, Z, Carry, P/P, Conveyor).
Driving Speed (Max): X, YL, YR : 1000mm/sec, Z: 750mm/sec
Cutting Speed (Max): X, Y, Z: 100mm/sec (It’s according to the specification of Bit for the best speed setting )
Spindle Motor High speed variable frequency motor 400W (Max.100,000rpm)
Cutting Ability Linear, Circular, U-curve, Arc, L-curve
Motor of Axis 3-7 Axes (400W AC Servo motors)
Bit Shift Count Max. 2
Route Planning: Direct coordinate input or manual guiding with × 15CCD camera
Safety Area Sensor n/a
Bit Break Detection Standard
Operating System: Windows 7
Man-Machine Interface: Touchscreen Industrial Monitor + Keyboard + Mouse
Conveyor Adjustment: Manual adjustment Max:Y:350mm Min:Y:100mm
Conveyor load capacity: Max:5Kg
PCB Loading/Unloading: Automatic
Power Supply: 3 Phase AC220V ±3% 50 Hz/60Hz, 2.5 kw

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