Asm SMT Machine Spare Part 00335989s02 Vacuum Generator Complete Vacuum Pump Dlm1

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Original new or used ASM placement machine spare parts

00335989s02 Vacuum Generator Complete Vacuum Pump Dlm1

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Product name: ASM Siemens Vacuum Generator for Vacuum Pump DLM1
Condition: New and Used
Usage: ASM place machine Spare Part accessories
Quality: 100% tested
Package: Carton Box or wooden case
Part number: 00335989
Payment: Paypal, western Union,TT ,L/C and etc.
Delivery: UPS,DHL,FedEx, express delivery, sea and air transport.
Application: SMT PCB Assembly Production Line, Siemens place machine spare parts accessories
Element sensor: all mounting heads have programmable pressure control technology.
PCB deformation automatic compensation technology, component height deviation adaptive function.
Timely mount pressure self-learning feedback technology to completely eliminate flying parts and damage during mounting. In the normal production process, the working head should maintain the fastest speed and stable patch ability. The element sensor has the ability to detect the height, so as to ensure the safety of the patch

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