Automatic SMT Handing Equipment PCB Loader for SMT Assembly

Short Description:

Full automatic board loading and unloading machine
This equipment is suitable for front and rear plate feeding and receiving of SMT production line
1. Panasonic PLC programmable control system and touch screen operation are adopted, which is simple and easy to understand
2. Unique module structure design, three-color warning light indicating work
3. Multi point clamping design ensures the same repeatability of each frame change
4. The push plate adopts Japanese SMC cylinder, with stable and reliable performance
5. It has the function of automatic fault detection and touch screen display of fault IO point, which is simple and clear
6. The lifting platform adopts imported screw rod, which is smooth, stable and wear-resistant
7. The drag chain cable imported from Germany is folding and wear-resistant
8. Compatible smewa interface

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Technical parameters:
1. Transmission height: 900 ± 30mm
2. Step selection: or specified by the customer
3. Quantity of material frame: 1 in the previous; Next 1
4. Bin replacement time: about 30 seconds or specified by the customer
5. Fixing method of guide rail: front fixing or specified by the customer
6. Transmission direction: optional from left to right or from right to left
7. Power supply and power: 230V AC; Single phase 250 VA Max
8. Air pressure and flow: 4-6bar, max. 10 L / min

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