High Speed Full-Automatic PCB SMT Solder Paste Printer PCB SMT Stencil Printer

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Desen Automatic Solder Paste Printer Machine PCB SMT Stencil Printer

1. Directly connected scraper head
2. Independent transportation system
3. Automatic and effective steel mesh cleaning system
4. Neat and convenient electrical safety arrangement
5. Automatic net frame setting
6. Humanized operation interface

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Modern solder paste printing machine is generally composed of plate loading, adding solder paste, embossing, circuit board transmission and so on. Its working principle is: first fix the circuit board to be printed on the printing positioning table, and then the left and right scrapers of the printer leak the solder paste or red glue to the corresponding pad through the steel mesh. The PCB with uniform missing print is input to the mounter through the transmission table for automatic mounting.

    Operation steps of SMT automatic printer:
    1. Check and start the equipment before operation according to the operating procedures;
    2. Place the PCB (the PCB deformation cannot meet the requirements of production, and a supporting plate shall be added) on the loading frame;
    3. Place the screen on the printing press according to the direction pointed by the screen arrow;
    4. Select the corresponding printing program according to the produced products, enter * * mode for screen calibration, and debug the printing state;
    5. Printing adjustment: adjust the printing speed, pressure and angle to make the amount of solder paste printed on the PCB pad uniform;
    6. The first article shall be confirmed by the technician and mass production shall be carried out after it is qualified;
    7. Every 30 printed boards shall be inspected by the inspector and sent to the mounter after passing the inspection;
    8. After the operation, remove the screen board and clean it, shut down it according to the operating procedures, and clean the worktable.

    Requirements for SMT automatic printer:

    1. Wear rubber gloves or disposable gloves when operating the solder paste. If the solder paste is accidentally adhered to the skin, immediately clean it with alcohol and hand sanitizer, and then clean it with a large amount of water;

    2. The remaining solder paste, used screen wiping paper and disposable gloves after operation shall be treated in accordance with the relevant provisions of environmental regulations;

    3. Clean the equipment, tooling and tools before use, especially pay special attention to the environmental protection status on site before processing lead-free products.

    PCB Parameters

    Model DSP-1008
    Maximum board size(X x Y) 400mm×340mm
    Minimum board size  50mm×50mm
    PCB thickness 0.4 – 5mm
    Warpage ≤1%Diagonal
    Maximum board weight 0-3kg
    Board margin gap 20mm
    Transfer speed 1500mm/s(Max)
    Transfer height from the ground 900±40mm
    Transfer orbit direction Left-Right,Right-Left,Left-Left,Right-Right
    Transfer mode One stage orbit
    PCB damping method Programmable flexible side pressure + Adaptive PCB board thickness + Edge lock base clamp(Optional: 1. Multipoint partial vacuum of the bottom; 2. Edge locking and substrate clamping)
    Support method Magnetic thimble,  Equal high block,etc.(Optional:1.Vacuum Chamber;2.Special workpiece fixture)
    Performance Parameters

    Repetition precision of image calibration ±10.0μm @6 σ,Cpk ≥ 2.0
    Repetition precision of printing ±20.0μm @6 σ,Cpk ≥ 2.0
    Cycle time <7s(Exclude printing and   cleaning)
    Product changeover <5mins
    Image Parameters

    Field of view 8mm x 6mm
    Platform adjustment range X:±5.0mm,Y:±7.0mm,θ:±2.0°
    Benchmark point type Standard shape benchmark   point(SMEMA standard),solder pad/openings
    Camera system Independent   camera,upwards/downwards imaging vision system
    Printing Parameters

    Printing head Floating intelligent printing head   (two independent direct connected motors)
    Template frame size 470mm x 370mm~737 mm x   737 mm
    Maximum printing area(X x Y) 450mm x 350mm
    Squeegee type Steel scraper/Glue scraper(Angel   45°/50°/60° matching the printing process)
    Squeegee length 300mm(optional with length of 200mm-500mm)
    Squeegee height 65±1mm
    Squeegee thickness 0.25mm Diamond-like carbon coating
    Printing mode Single or double scraper printing
    Demoulding length 0.02 mm - 12 mm
    Printing speed 0 ~ 200 mm/s
    Printing pressure 0.5kg - 10Kg
    Printing stroke ±200 mm (From the center)
    Cleaning Parameters

    Cleaning mode 1. Drip cleaning system;   2. Dry, wet and vacuum modes
    Length of cleaning and   wiping board 380mm(optional with 300mm, 450mm, 500mm)

    Power requirements 220±10%,60/60HZ-1¢
    Compressed air requirements 4.5~6Kg/cm2
    External dimension 1114mm(L)*1360mm(W)* 1500mm(H)

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